C-Gallery, in partnership with Alessandro Casciaro Art Gallery, presents “We’re all in this together/Flatland” a double exhibition which features a dialogue between the artists Bianca Kennedy and The Swan Collective.

Bianca Kennedy is a visual artist who lives and works in Berlin. With her work We’re all in this together, the artist explores the iconography of the bathtub, presenting a three channel video installation which gathers over 200 scenes from different movies. Completed by a series of drawings on the same theme, the installation surrounds the viewer by “immersing” him literally into the videos.

Lying in a tub comes closest to being in a mother's womb, but bathing plays only a minor role in our busy everyday life. Showering is just too effective and eco friendly. It seems that only in movies people have enough time for taking a bath. The lonely act of bathing is shared in the installation We’re all in this together. Even class differences are often evened out through the nakedness and intimacy of the protagonists. Her collection of bathtub scenes demonstrate that at least in a bathtub there is gender equality.

The Swan Collective is a fictitious artist group of  five members: Richard Tator, Miles Macre, Nils Sanddorn, Coca Lloyd and Felix Kraus, founded by the latter in 2007. In their works techniques like painting, performance, 3D animation and photography are the foundation for virtual reality experiences. Using contemporary media like 2D and 3D animation, photogrammetry and classical filming techniques, they create worlds which mimic a distorted reality, resembling forgotten memories and dreams.

Flatland is a tribute to the namesake book by Edwin Abbott Abbott. In the literary work, Flatland is a visionary bi-dimensional world whose “flat” life is troubled by the interaction with a three-dimensional world. The discovery of the third dimension opens thus to the hypothesis of possible new dimensions not yet known and new possible universes only conceivable. The Swan Collective's artistic work thus reflects on the partiality of our knowledge, using technology as a propulsion for the discovery of alternative worlds

“We’re all in this together/Flatland” is a multi-media exhibition consisting of different motives. The artists involve the viewer in a series of visual and sensory perceptual experiences seeking new dimensions of existence, whether tangible or fictional, and propose a contemporary artistic vision that deals with the latest technological achievements by moving the boundaries of artistic practice beyond the habits.

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