Maurice Pefura is part of the upcoming exhibition "African Metropolis" curated by Simon Njami at the Maxxi Museum in Rome

From June 22nd to October 28th, the Maxxi Museum in Rome will host the exhibition "African Metropolis" curated by Simon Njami. Maurice Pefura will present an astonishing installation.

Tony Gum Wins This Year’s Pulse Prize

The artist Tony Gum is the recipient of the 2017 Miami Beach Pulse Prize. The prize winner was selected from a panel of art world experts, including the associate director of the newly opened ICA Miami, Tommy Ralph Pace.

Malala Andrialavidrazana at Dhaka Art Summit

The Figures series is part of 'A beast, a god and a line', a group exhibition curated by Cosmin Costinas within the Dhaka Art Summit's events, opening from 2 to 10 February. Read more here

Bianca Kennedy is the winner of Berlin Experimental Film Festival, category Berlin Originals

Our congratulations to Bianca Kennedy : Festival Winner, Category Berlin Originals at Berlin Experimental Film Festival

'Limbo Weeks' by Bianca Kennedy in cooperation with Fabian Vogler.


"Limbo Weeks is a veritable tour de force. The film shows a masterful and compelling use of its creative devices when depicting a voyage en route to life and gender, all with animated skill and a liberating dose of fun and mischief."

Malala Andrialavidrazana at EVA Ireland's Biennial

We are happy to announce the participation of Malala Andrialavidrazana in the next edition of EVA Biennial.

Malala Andrialavidrazana at Karachi Biennale

Malala Andrialavidrazana is participating in the first edition of Karachi Biennale, the Pakistan's largest international contemporary art event. Karachi Biennale is gathering artist from Pakistan and across the globe.

Délio Jasse at Biennale dell'Immagine

As part of the 10th Biennale dell'immagine, Délio Jasse will be presenting a new series of cyanotypes. Curated by Diego Stephani, this solo presentation will run until 10 December 2017. Mobility of Things, Spazio 1929, Lugano, Switzerland.

"A Man Was Lynched by Police Yesterday" by Dread Scott is now part of the Whitney Museum Collection

The iconic artworks made by Dread Scott is now part of the Whitney Museum Collection and of the San Diego Contemporary Art Museum Collection. We are honored to have showed this piece in our first exhibition Selling the Shadow.

Maimouna Guerresi is now part of the Smithsonian Museum Collection

The Smithsonian National Museum of African Art has just included "M-Eating Sufi" by Maimouna Guerresi in the museum's collection. We are so honored that an artist from our roster has reached this great success. Maimouna Guerresi was part of the exhibition "Selling the Shadow" with her sculpture group "Eggmen".

Delio Jasse is participating in the first edition of Lagos Biennial

“Living on the Edge”, the first edition of the Lagos Biennial of contemporary art will be held from the 14 th October to 22 nd December 2017 in six different venues across Nigeria’s metropolis.

The artist-run biennial will attract over 40 international artists from 20 countries including: France, Iran, Mozambique, Kenya, Norway, Afghanistan, Germany, Switzerland, South Korea, Ethiopia, Angola, Senegal, Greece, United Kingdom, Sweden, Ghana, Spain, Egypt, Russia, and Nigeria. The biennial is organized by the Akete Art Foundation.

We are so happy to announce that our friend Delio Jasse is going to be part of this exciting new experience.


Delio Jasse was part of our first exhibition "Selling the Shadow".

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