C-Gallery presents “Figures” the solo show of Malala Andrialavidrazana.

Malala Andrialavidrazana is a Malagasy roots, Paris based artist. Influenced by her formal architectural training, she uses the photographic medium to explore the crossing universes and boundaries of nature and culture. Social changes and spatial structures in a globalized world are at the heart of her artistic reflections; by examining in-between spaces, she proposes an open frame where borders do not exist.

Her work has been exhibited in numerous international institutions, including: PAC (Italy, 2017), Kalmar Konstmuseum (Sweden, 2017), Fondation Donwahi (Ivory Coast, 2016), Bamako Encounters (Mali, 2005/2015).

Private and public collections include: Aperture Foundation (USA), Antoine de Galbert (France), doual'art (Cameroon), National Gallery (Zimbabwe), Revue Noire (France).

The exhibition “Figures” features 7 artworks from the namesake series in which the artist explores the theme of the map used as a colonialist power tool combining them with references borrowed from various spheres of visual culture: bills, stamps and numerous iconographic models inspired by universal as well as local themes.

The rewriting of a map represents for the artist the re-appropriation, ownership and sharing of the world through the narration of a new history. Malala Andrialavidrazana artworks encourage viewers to engage in a mental journey through space and time, creating new narratives, mixing different inspirations and overcoming stereotypes. But also to look inside ourselves to recognize our own references, opening up to the possibility of changing perspective and begin to observe once again.

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