C-Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in the heart of Ventura Art District in Milan. The gallery represents and exhibits both established and emerging artists from evolving art scenes, with a particular focus on the new artistic proposals from the African continent and its Diaspora. 

Since opening its doors in May 2017, with the inaugural exhibition “Selling the Shadow” curated by acclaimed artists Ayana V. Jackson and Ingrid LaFleur, C-Gallery has grown in stature and has been dedicated to the presentation and promotion of international artists. 

The gallery makes an intensive work of exploration of the contemporary art world and seeks to select and nurture unique artists, who through their work are able to create new visual codes. Therefore, with the aim to offer a collection of the most innovative contemporary art examples, beyond the art system’s fads, the gallery’s exhibition program gathers many different and stimulating artistic languages.

C-Gallery has two aims: building and promoting the careers of established artists and younger talents from evolving art scenes, as well as introducing original languages and yet unexplored artists to the Italian art scene. 

At the same time, the gallery encourages an international dialogue and exchange by joint ventures and collaborative projects with international artists, curators, collectors, galleries, and institutions. 

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